Superintendency of Insurance launches program

The Superintendent of Insurance, Josefa Castillo Rodríguez, launched the program “Data intelligence in the insurance sector: the road to zero bureaucracy”, in order to have sufficient and necessary information for the correct monitoring of the activity of the insurance and reinsurance sector in the country, in defense of the rights of the users.

In her closing remarks at the event, held at the Salomé Ureña auditorium of the Central Bank, the official expressed her conviction that data intelligence in the insurance sector is the road to zero bureaucracy, a program implemented by the government of President Luis Abinader, to make services to citizens more viable and agile.

She recognized the work of the Zero Bureaucracy Executive Commission for focusing the Superintendence of Insurance within this program, which she said was coordinated by the Government Office of Information and Communication Technology, directed by Bartolomé Pujals, the National Competitiveness Council, directed by Peter Prazmowki, who is also the president of the Zero Bureaucracy Executive Commission, and the technicians and collaborators of the Superintendence of Insurance, for their commendable support to the project they are implementing.

Josefa Castillo explained that, in anticipation of the Zero Bureaucracy, they currently have four services on the platform, and that after the implementation of this program, they are working to add three more.

The opening remarks of the activity were given by Camila Olivero, in charge of Public Policies of the National Competitiveness Council, on behalf of the head of that institution Peter Prazmowki, in which Genry Lizardo, advisor of the Government Office, also spoke.

The context and legal framework of the project was presented by Juan Hernández Buret, Legal Director of the Superintendency of Insurance, while the presentation of the project was made by Víctor Pérez and Arnulfo Rodríguez, Directors of Information and Communication Technology and Insurance Sector Studies, respectively, of the Superintendency of Insurance.

The event was attended by the Superintendent of Insurance, Francisco Campos Álvarez; Miguel Villamán, advisor of Cadoar; Nicole Toribio, executive director of Adocose; Kohuris Henríquez, general director of Digera; Luis Tomas López, president of Aanaprose; Miguel Suazo, vice-president of Sodocase, as well as executives of insurance companies and directors and managers of the Superintendency of Insurance.

Also present were Ernesto Bournigal Read, Superintendent of Securities; Francisco A. Torres, Superintendent of Pensions; Cristian Sánchez, General Director of INAP; Julio E. Caminero, Superintendent of Banks; Nelson Arroyo, President of the Board of Directors of Indotel, among others.


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