Hotelbeds boosts with new brand HBX

Hotelbeds is finalizing the imminent announcement of a new impulse in its project with the launch of the new HBX brand, as has learned exclusively.

The giant based in Mallorca (Spain) plans to take advantage of this renewed brand to also undertake structural changes in order to better readapt its organization so that, with internal changes, it can capitalize more efficiently on the evolution of the habits of its demand, and align its product more closely with them (The 3 tourism keys of the future are advanced by WTTC and Hotelbeds).

The CEO of Hotelbeds, Nicolas Huss, already assured in an interview with REPORTUR on the occasion of its tenth anniversary that “we have gone from being a bedbank to a leading TravelTech company” (Huss (Hotelbeds): “We moved from a bedbank to a TravelTech company”).

The executive then revealed about consolidation in Tourism he believes that “most of this process has already taken place, although it is always possible that some hotel giants will continue to explore business alliances” (Booking came close to buying Hotelbeds three years ago).

And on his case, Nicolas Huss said that Hotelbeds “will continue to explore strategic opportunities that add value to our customers and partners. We always evaluate them as they arise, but we are not actively pursuing acquisitions at this time.”

A few weeks ago, Hotelbeds signed up lawyer Sagrario Fernandez, an expert in IPOs, who will be in charge of leading all legal aspects of a Cinven and CPPIB divestiture process valued at around $5.5 billion, and who is already the new General Counsel and will report directly to CEO Nicolas Huss.


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