Hoteliers in the eastern region foresee “full house”

The president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Projects of the East (Asoleste), Ernesto Veloz, informed that for Easter Week 2023, next April, the hotels in the area will have an occupancy rate of 90%, projecting a full house for the final days of the holiday.

“We expect to have an occupancy rate of 90% in the first days and at the end, with the last minute reservations, 100%, because Easter Week is really shaping up to be very, very favorable for the hotel sector; and it is very important for us because it would be the end of the high season and we would enter the summer,” he added.

He said that the main markets that would be visiting the country during the holiday, and specifically Punta Cana, are North America and South America. “We are having very good results with Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. In other words, we hope to have an important flow from the emerging market during the summer”.Samaná Lleno

Veloz said that after a high expectation in hotel occupancy during the Semana Mayor, it should also be recognized that there will be an inclination to vacation rentals such as Airbnb.

“There will be a lot of tourist occupancy outside the hotel sector with Airbnb and that part is being worked on by the Government and what we aspire is that there is a level playing field to work. If we have to pay taxes, then everyone should pay their own; we are not opposed to free competition,” he emphasized.

In view of the large flow of visitors that are expected to travel through the main roads of Punta Cana, the executive reminded that they will work hand in hand with the military authorities to maintain the safe movement of visitors.

“We are a little concerned about the displacement due to the amount of vehicles that travel here in the area, fortunately the Intrant has already stopped the heavy vehicles so that one can organize in advance,” he emphasized.


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