Pedernales hotels, at full capacity by personnel working on tourism development in the area

The hotel businessman of Pedernales, Santiago Rodriguez, highlighted the reactivation that the destination is having in development since the construction of new hotel complexes was announced.

“It is incredible that out of the 600 rooms that Pedernales has, only 150 can be offered to local and foreign tourists, since the rest are being occupied by engineers and architects in charge of the hotels under construction in the province”, he added.

He expressed that the professionals have sometimes paid up to a full year’s lodging in order to have a guaranteed place to stay while they are in charge of the works being developed in the area.

We can assure that every weekend Pedernales is full of visitors, reason why it is necessary to speed up the construction of the hotels to be able to receive more tourists in the zone”, he said when interviewed”, he indicated.

He also said that there are so many tourists that many times the hotels are practically full from Monday to Sunday, according to Recorriendo con Salvador.

At the same time, he recognized that the tourist complexes under construction are advancing positively and some of them are already 3 and 4 stories high, boosting the economy of Pedernales through the consumption in the restaurants, by the workers who are in charge of the works.

Source: Arecoa

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