Environment highlights importance of reforestation plan during meeting with entrepreneurs

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, highlighted the importance of different sectors continuing to join the National Reforestation Plan, when he shared his administration’s agenda during a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Foreign Investment Association (Asiex).

Ceara Hatton explained that, among its priorities, the Vice-Ministry of Forest Resources focuses on strengthening the country’s forest cover, for which it deploys the Reforestation and Restoration of Forest Ecosystems Plan 2023-2024.

He recalled that the plan promotes the restoration of forests in protected areas and coastal areas, reforestation in the high mountains and the forest industry in areas such as the Plan Sierra’s area of influence.

The meeting, which had been scheduled for several weeks, was held with the objective of strengthening cooperation between the state and business sectors to promote environmental sustainability in the Dominican Republic.

The meeting was attended by the president of Asiex, Alejandro Peña Prieto; and the directors, Juan Velázquez, Danilo Ginebra, Franklin Mass, Mario Torres, Gonzalo Gil, Ioannis Moutafis and Patricia Bobea.

Minister Ceara Hatton was accompanied by the Vice Minister of Environmental Management, Indhira de Jesús, and the Cabinet Coordinator, Hugo Abreu.

During the presentation, the official detailed the management priorities of the different vice ministries of the Ministry of the Environment, highlighting key strategies to preserve natural resources and promote sustainability.

Ceara Hattón highlighted the need to continue raising awareness for the protection of the Caribbean Sea and coastal marine ecosystems.

Regarding the Vice-Ministry of Environmental Management, he emphasized that this agency is improving efficiency and transparency in the management of permits, in addition to closing landfills and creating sanitary landfills.

Ceara Hatton highlighted the digitalization work carried out by the Ministry of the Environment and the implementation of the “Virtual Environmental Authorization System”, a platform that allows to speed up and make more transparent the requests for environmental authorizations for works, projects and economic activities.

Asiex executives thanked Ceara Hatton and his team for sharing their proposals and reiterated their commitment to work closely together to promote practices that foster environmental sustainability.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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