JetBlue flight offers starting at $49 dollars

JetBlue continues to offer flight deals starting at $49 to destinations inside and outside the U.S.

Customers of the New York-based airline have the option to travel to different U.S. cities and to other countries such as Costa Rica, for example.

JetBlue Airlines continues its summer flight promotions starting at $49 to U.S. cities.

Those interested can get tickets to Fort Myers, Florida, for that price, departing from LaGuardia International Airport.

If you prefer to take off from John F. Kennedy International Airport, the cheapest ticket currently available is $59.

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For those wishing to visit Miami, the best deal for a one-way ticket from JFK is $69; traveling from LaGuardia the minimum cost is $169.

Another economical option is the city of New Orleans in Louisiana. One-way tickets start at $59 from LaGuardia or JFK.

In case you prefer to travel to Los Angeles or San Diego, California this summer, you will have to pay $138 and $149, respectively, departing from JFK.

Denver, Colorado is also another alternative with departures from LaGuardia or JFK for a base fare of $89.

As for crossings to Caribbean islands, paying a minimum price of $126 will get you to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, from JFK; or $144 if departing from LaGuardia.

In the case of the Dominican Republic, a ticket to Santo Domingo from JFK starts at $166; if taking off from LaGuardia, the price increases to $180.

To Central American countries such as Costa Rica, a ticket to the capital San Jose can cost a minimum of $129 and $189, from JFK and LaGuardia, respectively.

The offers apply to flights booked for July and August. Users can opt to search by region, which makes it easier to navigate the website.

It is important to note that the deals JetBlue’s “Best Fare Finder” tool yields are real-time, so availability can change at any time.


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