Carlos Jiménez: “adopted son” of Verón-Punta Cana

By resolution No. 117-2024, the board of directors, presided by Wagner Encarnación, unanimously accepted the request made by the district director Ramón Antonio Ramírez (Manolito), to recognize the trajectory and the contributions of more than 20 years of Carlos Jiménez Ruiz to the main tourist destination of the country.

Manolito Ramírez emphasized the social aids that Jiménez Ruiz has contributed to this municipal district, among which he mentioned the support given during the Covid-Carlos Jiménez Lopesan19 pandemic and when he took charge of the school transportation of the children of the marginalized sectors for several years, at a time when there were several accidents due to the lack of school transportation.

“Carlos Jimenez Ruiz has never wanted the aid he performs to be mentioned. The fact that today we have an empowered press in this territory is due to Carlos who was the first to give facilities to create Adompretur Bávaro, and when you have an empowered press you generate democracy, reliable environments and that the authorities are careful of their actions”, expressed Ramírez.

The consul of Spain recognizes

Meanwhile, the honorary consul of Spain in Punta Cana, Javier Moreno, said that he is one of the persons who “without any doubt deserves the recognition that was granted to him”, after which he affirmed that Jiménez Ruiz has been helping and being present in the difficult moments of that pole for many years.

Jiménez Ruiz thanked the Chapter House and the municipal director Ramírez for the recognition.

“The hard work is beautiful and satisfying, because when we support the communities we all win and it is for the common good,” he said.

It is recalled that Jiménez resides in Bávaro-Punta Cana, with his wife Loles Pallares and their four children, all born in Bávaro. He has been recognized on several occasions as hotelier of the year by Asoleste and Hotelier of the year in the National Tourism Award, among other awards for his professional career.


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