Abinader begins remodeling for the 2026 Games

President Luis Abinader started on Thursday the remodeling works of the sports facilities that will be used for the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games, Santo Domingo 2026, scheduled to be held from July 24 to August 8.

The remodeling to be carried out will be the renovation of the urban area and the sports facilities of the Parque del Este and the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

The Minister of Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla, pointed out that more than 3.7 billion pesos will be invested in the reconstruction and adaptation of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center and the Mirador del Este Park, with the intention that it will serve as a shelter for several competitions of the Central American and Caribbean Games.

Abinader Juegos 2026Bonilla announced that in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium, the aquatic center, the martial arts pavilion, the volleyball court, the velodrome, the baseball and softball fields, the fencing gymnasium and all the outdoor areas, including the parking area, will be repaired and adapted.

For the Mirador del Este Park, Minister Bonillo said that this will have a better weightlifting area with refurbished ceilings and floors, as well as better ventilation and lighting, which will improve the experience of athletes and attendees.

“We will also rebuild the archery area, with bleachers and the gym will have a new training area, and improved restrooms and ceilings. The handball center will have a general refurbishment to adapt and modernize this space. And the table tennis pavilion will have improved seating in the bleachers; the roof will be repaired and the floor will be improved,” he added.

History will be made with the assembly of the sports festival

For his part, the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, highlighted the work that President Abinader has been doing with the different sports facilities in the country, which, he said, were forgotten when he took office in 2020. He said that the president will make history with the assembly of the sports festival, which would be the third time that such games are held in the country.

Meanwhile, the president of the Organizing Committee of the regional multi-sport event, José Patricio Monegro, said that for the realization of the Central American and Caribbean Games 2026, the necessary investments will be made in an intelligent way, in order to have the best results that will allow the best games, without waste.

“It is a joint work, because the promotion of sport is fundamental so that the party of the year 2026, we all dance well and both the Olympic Committee, the federations and the Ministry of Sport, have the great commitment to provide the conditions for our athletes to prepare and that the party of 2026, Dominican athletes dance it too,” said Monegro.

He also informed that the Ministry of Housing and Buildings has already structured the bidding calendar for all the other facilities that will be used in these games, in addition to all the other national facilities that the Ministry of Sports has to maintain and build.

Likewise, the president of Centro Caribe Sports, Luisín Mejía, highlighted the firmness and decision of the government headed by President Abinader in the timely remodeling of the sports facilities that will be used in the Central American Caribbean Games, Santo Domingo 2026. Likewise, he highlighted the unity that exists in the sports movement, in view of the sports festival.

Delivery of softball stadium in Los Mameyes

As part of the government agenda, First Lady Raquel Arbaje accompanied Minister Bonilla in the delivery of the totally renovated Clodomiro García Colón Softball Stadium, in the Los Mameyes sector, Santo Domingo East.

In a brief speech, the First Lady exhorted the children and young people who will practice sports in the renovated stadium, not to stop studying, and asked them to make study and values their priority.

Meanwhile, Minister Bonilla said that the Ministry of Housing and Buildings is promoting the construction sector of the country and also the development of all aspects of the lives of Dominicans, with the clear objective of giving them a better quality of life, as President Abinader wants.

He indicated that the construction of this field contemplated an investment of around DR 13 million and that the works consisted of the readjustment of two bleachers, roofing of bleachers, installation of lighting, construction of irrigation system, retention fence, parking lots, as well as remodeling of the dogout, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

These types of works are important

“For this government, for President Abinader, for the First Lady and for all the officials as well, these types of works are important, because they are important for you, for the community, for its residents, because here you will enjoy yourselves, play baseball and recreate. Every day we continue to fulfill the promise of our President Luis Abinader, to provide quality structures that favor Dominicans in all areas”, he said.

The activities were attended by the senator for the province of Santo Domingo, Antonio Taveras; the administrator of Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra; the mayor of Santo Domingo East, Manuel Jiménez and the mayor-elect, Dio Astacio; the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Garibaldy Bautista; the general manager of Fiduciaria BanReservas, Andrés van der Horst Álvarez.

Also, the director of (Inposdom), Erick Guzmán; the mayor of San Luis, Rodolfo Valera; the mayor-elect of San Luis, Wendy Cepeda and the deputies for Santo Domingo East, Alexis Jiménez and Ana Adalgisa Abreu, Amado Díaz and the Commissioner of Baseball, Junior Noboa.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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