Abinader leads celebration of Family Day

President Luis Abinader, accompanied by First Lady Raquel Arbaje, led the inaugural ceremony for the celebration of Family Day this Saturday, at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, where artistic, cultural and sports activities were held.

The Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, highlighted the value of the family and its relationship with sports: “The family is the smallest nucleus that exists, but the most important for the education of a country”, he said regarding the reason for the celebration, organized by the Ministry of Sports and the Cabinet of the Family, directed by Dío Astacio.

Decree 761-21 institutes Family Day and more than 20 state institutions were involved in the activity to celebrate it.

The minister added that when a country has good education in the family, the future of the country is assured and that is why President Abinader is concerned about the celebration of this day.

He recalled that the head of state requested that sports go to the neighborhoods and clubs and that the family be included.

He pointed out that another significant fact is the “Indómita DR” program, which was inaugurated in December 2021 with the presence of the chief of state.

The technicians of that program, Camacho reported, are spread throughout the country and as a result impact the Dominican family.

“Simply and plainly, the basis of this project is the integration of the family nucleus to the largest classroom that an educational center has, which are the sports fields”.

In another line, student athletes are also being integrated with their parents “and that is why these centers are called Community Sports Center” because in this way society and the family in the afternoon give support to their children.

“When family education does not fail, you can be sure that these young people develop healthily, but if we link them to sports, we teach them to win and lose, which are conditions that very few human beings understand, but that sports teach us”.

More than 20 state institutions were involved

“We know that with this we are giving a backing to family, school and sports education; when a nation is based on these three pillars, the future is assured,” said Camacho, “and that is precisely what President Abinader has done, to assure the future of this nation, not by giving things, but by teaching human beings to fish: giving them education, promoting family education, sports and above all school education.”

The activity was scheduled to take place last November 18, but the tropical storm that affected the country that week prevented it from being held on that occasion.

The general coordinator of the Cabinet of the Family, Dío Astacio, emphasized that he has worked on the design of a set of programs aimed at addressing situations and proposing solutions to challenges presented by the Dominican family.

“The implementation of these programs has made it possible to directly reach families that have required government support, both in specific processes and in the impetus required for their development,” he said.

Among the institutions that participated are the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), the Presidential Commission for the Support of Neighborhood Development, the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute, the National Institute of Assistance and Housing (Inavi) and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

In addition, the National Health Service, the Ministry of Public Health, Banreservas, the Presidential Commission for Neighborhood Development, the Ministry of Education, the General Directorate of Fine Arts, the National Council for Children (Conani), the Medical-Psychological Institute of the Family (Imafa), the Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (Propeep), the National Council for the Aging Person (Conape) and the National Police, among others.

Workshops, medical consultations, vitilla game, güira and tambora workshop, basketball, among other sports and activities were held this Saturday.

Among other personalities, the event was attended by the director of the Presidential Commission for the Support of Neighborhood Development, Rolfi Domingo Rojas; the director of Digesett, Francisco Osoria de la Cruz, as well as former athletes.

The closing was in charge of Bellas Artes with an artistic show of the folkloric ballet.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do


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