INEFI with the Neighborhood” with a dental day and an anti-drug talk

In order to promote healthy recreation and health of the residents of different communities in the country, the National Institute of Physical Education continued this Sunday with its program “INEFI with the Neighborhood” in the populous sector of the capital, 24 de Abril.

On this occasion, not only a 3×3 basketball tournament was held, but also a dental day and a talk to young people to prevent the consumption of narcotics, coordinated by authorities of Hogar Crea Dominicano, an institution with which INEFI recently signed a mutual contribution agreement.

In this regard, the executive director of INEFI, Alberto Rodríguez Mella, highlighted the efforts of the directors of Hogares Crea to orient the young people of 24 de Abril, as well as the dentists who worked hard to attend all the patients who required this free service.

“It is not only with words, but with deeds that INEFI is ensuring that Dominican youth, based on study and the practice of sports, the ‘winning formula’, continue to move forward,” highlighted Rodríguez Mella.

“One of our objectives is to promote healthy recreation and bring children, adolescents and young people closer to sports, motivating teamwork and the unification of the entire community with the practice of different disciplines that keep them away from vices, keeping their mind and body busy in sports,” he said.

During the day, there was an exhibition of table tennis, with the immortal of this discipline, Blanca Iris Alejo, and boxing, by one of the technicians of the Simón Bolívar club.

Alberto Rodríguez Mella was accompanied at the table of honor by Colonel Cucho Abreu, from the DNCD; Carlos Arias, president of the E-3 zone, and Blanca Iris Alejo, immortal of Dominican sports, together with Jonathan Mena, José Reyes (Alexis) and José Antonio Féliz, president, general secretary and sports coordinator of the Simón Bolívar club, respectively.


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