La Cocoa and Chimi, the spectacular combination of Tigres del Licey

Did you enjoy watching Ronny Mauricio and Elly de la Cruz last season with the reigning LIDOM champions? Do you think it is possible for them to return to the league? The opportunity for our high priced players to play in the Caribbean league depends on many factors, however, it is not far-fetched to think about it.

The Cincinnati Reds could advance to the postseason if they manage to close big during this final stretch and stalk the Cubs or the Brewers, decreasing the chances of Elly de la Cruz returning to the Blue Jays.

Not so, the case of Ronny Mauricio, who has not been benefited with this opportunity, as the New York Mets, distant from Atlanta Braves and other gaps to play in October.

Chances of seeing Mauricio and De la Cruz in uniform with the Tigers.

Elly de la Cruz has shown great virtues in his game, but also a roughness in contact that needs to be ironed out and LIDOM could be the perfect school for him to achieve it.

The Cincinnati Reds player has the talent to establish himself in the Major Leagues, but playing winter is not an idea out of Cincinnati’s plans, aware of the improvements needed for Elly de la Cruz.

In the case of Mauricio, there are greater possibilities, understanding that, despite his good work in the minor circuits, there are no definite plans for him in the Mets.

The idea of him playing in a new position, opens the possibility of him being a working point with LIDOM and Tigres del Licey, being that the perfect school and the one he longs for the most.


In an interview with Tigres del Licey press director, Alex Luna, Ronny Mauricio assured that he will play with Tigres del Licey and the willingness is the first step to achieve it.

The reigning MVP of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic, took great benefits from his stay and showed the New York Mets that he is ready to play at the highest level.


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