Raquel Peña celebrates with Dominicans in New York baseball, academic achievements, careers and culture

With the throwing of the first ball in the game between the Licey and the Aguilas, at the Mets’ Citi Field Stadium in New York, the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, kicked off the “Titans of the Caribbean” series, but also her work agenda in the United States, which took her on tours of Dominican businesses, meetings with entrepreneurs and ceremonies in which she recognized the commitment to public service and the dedication to study of Dominicans abroad.

Peña’s itinerary also included a visit to the Dominican consulate in the aforementioned city.

Baseball Friday

For the kick-off ceremony of the “Titanes del Caribe” series, the Vice President was accompanied by First Lady Raquel Arbaje and Dominican Hall of Fame baseball player David Ortiz, who received the ball at home plate.

The sporting confrontation of these two clubs of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM) is dedicated to Osvaldo Virgil, the first Dominican to play in the Major Leagues, and took place from November 10 to 12.

A Saturday of tributes to the Diaspora

On the other hand, during her agenda on Saturday, the Vice President presented awards to three police commissioners, including two Dominicans, and to more than 30 deserving students of Dominican descent.

During the ceremony, the Vice President stated that the stellar careers of Wendy Garcia, Commissioner of Equity and Inclusion and the highest ranking Dominican in the New York City Police Department, as well as Dominican José A. Gomérez, the first Hispanic Police Commissioner in the State of New York for the City of Newburgh, have allowed them to reach important positions and become the first Dominicans in the positions they hold.

She also recognized the work of Puerto Rican Edward Caban, who is married to a Dominican and is the first Latino to hold the position of New York City Police Commissioner.

Peña took the opportunity to share with the diaspora the progress of police reform in the country. He indicated that “through the leadership of President Luis Abinader we are making history, with a transformation that goes from training to a better remuneration to the National Police”.

She also recognized 38 young Dominicans or young people of Dominican descent who have distinguished themselves abroad.

Peña explained that the award seeks to strengthen the relationship of the younger diaspora with the Dominican culture, “to make them feel the country as their own and, of course, to recognize their academic successes”.

She also indicated that for President Luis Abinader, the children and grandchildren of Dominicans abroad are very important because they represent the bridge between the two countries, where their talent can contribute in various ways.

On the other hand, the Vice President met with Dominican businessmen in New York, in order to strengthen ties and discuss investment opportunities offered by the country.

Raquel Peña emphasized that the Dominican Republic has transparent and fair policies and, above all, political, social and economic stability; factors that have allowed the country to achieve a sustained annual growth rate.

Present at the meeting were the Dominican Consul in New York, Eligio Jáquez; Congressman Adriano Espaillat; businessman William Rodríguez, as well as businessmen members of the National Supermarket Association (NSA), including its president Samuel Collado, and other personalities.

As part of her agenda, the vice-president also visited the Dominican Consulate in New York, where she was received by its top representative, Consul Eligio Jáquez.

Sunday in the streets of New Jersey

On Sunday, the Vice President met with New Jersey businessmen to strengthen the link between Dominicans and the national economic development.

The vice president took advantage of her stay in the United States to continue her visit to various Dominican businesses, which began on Saturday in some streets of New York and continued through the streets of New Jersey.

Raquel Peña spoke with the Dominican merchants who “represent the entrepreneurial spirit of our people and remain attached to and highlighting their roots”.

Peña pointed out that the Dominican community in New Jersey is “large, active and productive” and contributes to the economy of the U.S. state and the Dominican Republic.

He recalled that it was at the request of the residents themselves that President Luis Abinader ordered the opening of the Consulate General in Paterson, New Jersey, in June 2022.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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