President Abinader inaugurates cigar festival

President Luis Abinader inaugurated today the second edition of the Dominican Cigar Fest in the municipality of Tamboril.

The president emphasized that the tobacco industry has been key to the development of this northern region of the country.

He expressed his desire to bring work and good cigar practices to other sectors and areas of the country, especially to Las Matas de Farfán. In this sense, President Abinader explained that these southern lands of Las Matas de Farfán have the same chemical conditions as those of Tamboril and Villa González to produce tobacco.

Minister Bisonó explained that taking as a reference the last 3 years of President Abinader’s administration, analyzing the performance of tobacco exports, a growth of 36% is noted, averaging more than 1.3 billion dollars per year.

The tobacco sector continues to be the main generator of jobs in free zones.

Bisonó highlighted that, in terms of employment, the results are outstanding, since tobacco and its derivatives continue to be the main generator of jobs in free zones, totaling more than 42,800 direct jobs at the end of September of this year, in addition to being the sector with the second highest inter-annual growth of employment, with 10% and an important participation of Dominican women.

The director of Proindustria, Ulises Rodríguez, highlighted the realization of the fair, where all the guidelines of President Abinader have been implemented.

The president and CEO of the tobacco company, artist Radhamés Rodríguez and the executive director of the Tobacco Association, Robinson Díaz, expressed their satisfaction at being able to count on the Government’s support for the industry.

Recognition to President Abinader

The Chapter House of the Tamboril City Council recognized President Abinader as an addictive son for his contributions to the national tobacco sector.

President Abinader was accompanied in the different activities by the governor of the province of Santiago, Rosa Santos; the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz; the senator of the province of Santiago, Eduardo Estrella; the directors of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón and of Inespre, Iván Hernández; the administrator of the Agricultural Bank, Fernando Antonio Durán Pérez; the mayor of Tamboril, Anyolino Germosén and the president of Adozona, Luis José Bonilla.


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