Digital Agenda says tourism is among the top three in the world

The Deputy Minister of Digital Agenda of the Ministry of the Presidency, José David Montilla, said Tuesday that tourism is among the top three sectors targeted by the cybercrime industry.

Participating in the First Themag Punta Cana 2023 Tourism Business Forum, the official reported that 89% of the attacks generated in this area are for financial and espionage reasons.

“It is very interesting to have access to all the data, commercial strategies and guest behavior to know how the trend is in the tourism field, so that with Artificial Intelligence we can draw a scheme with the actions to be executed that are required,” he said.

Montilla stressed that in this hyper-connected society it is necessary to promote a culture of digital transformation and cybersecurity protection. For this reason, the Government is promoting initiatives such as the Digital Agenda and the National Innovation Policy, as well as the Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence strategies, which have an impact on all the country’s productive sectors, he said.

“We are in a moment of digital transformation and that evolution requires greater protection of the citizenry. Our National Cybersecurity Strategy promotes complementary cybercrime plans,” he said.

The deputy minister added that most cyber attacks are cross-border, and for that reason international coordination is important and added that the exchange of information, practices and experiences between nations, regarding the digital transformation process.

About the forum

During the First Themag Punta Cana 2023 Tourism Business Forum, the current issues for the tourism and business sector of the country were discussed, related to “Sustainability” and “New Technologies”, with Artificial Intelligence as the main topic.

The specialists Melissa Muñoz Suro and Alejandro Arnaud participated in this colloquium together with Vice Minister José David Montilla, with the moderation of the editor in chief of Themag magazine, Marcelo Ballester.

The forum, held at the Meliá Caribe Beach Punta Cana Hotel, concluded with the participation of renowned international speaker Jimmy Pons, who made his first appearance in the Dominican Republic.


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