Infotep and OGTIC are working on the creation of Centers of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation

The National Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (Infotep) and the Government Office of Information Technology and Communication (OGTIC), held several workshops with different sectors involved in the creation of Centers of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I).

The general director of Infotep, Rafael Santos Badía, explained that the process of creating these centers comprises a space for dialogue and strategic collaboration, designed to identify the needs, perspectives and aspirations of the various key sectors, involved in the operation of the R&D&I centers.

“Innovation is so vast that it involves all areas of human activity, in the arts, hard and soft sciences and technology, put more succinctly: Innovation is the engine of transformation, hence the importance of the creation of these centers,” said Santos Badía.

Representing the OGTIC were Steven Jerez Rosa, director of Digital Government Transformation and Melissa Muñoz, director of Innovation, who agreed that the institution is committed to implementing the necessary strategies to make the Dominican Republic a future-proof country, in terms of talent and resources.

While the director of Innovation and Development of Infotep, Maura Corporán, emphasized that the R&D&I centers promote the generation of advanced knowledge, the development of cutting-edge technologies, and the creation of innovative solutions to address the most pressing challenges of the country’s productive sectors.

“They do a combination of applied research, specialized training and technology transfer,” said Corporán.

Working Groups

On the first day, a working table was held with the participation of facilitators and participants from different technical careers of Infotep, who discussed their needs in the area of innovation.

On the second day, the working group was integrated by Infotep collaborators, specifically middle management, who will work closely with this project.

The third and last working group was made up of representatives of companies of all categories, committed to innovate their production processes and services.

These working groups are carried out within the framework of the agreement between Infotep and OGTIC, and in accordance with the national innovation policy, which proposes the creation of Centers of Excellence in Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) as a key driver to transform the productive, academic and citizen sectors.

For Infotep, the centers of excellence are engines of progress that enhance human talent, promote industrial competitiveness and contribute to sustainable development, thus raising the overall level of Dominican technical-professional training.


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