RD Vial implements state-of-the-art technology in toll roads

The office of the RD Vial trust reported the advances in the new implementations of state-of-the-art technology that it has been implementing to speed up the transit through the stations and continue optimizing the Fast Pass service in the most trafficked areas of the network.

The entity’s technology department explained that the devices incorporated in the service are state-of-the-art RFID handheld readers, which complement the detection process of the fast passage devices at the stations, in cases where, due to poor installation or other reading errors, they are not detected by the antennas installed at the stations to allow the vehicle to pass through the exclusive lane of the service.

Previously, in the face of these reading errors that occurred in the stations where these good practices and innovations are carried out, RD Vial personnel had to manually enter the tag code for the fast passage manually, which delayed the flow of traffic and could allow other errors, confusion or use of third party numbering by some drivers, situations that will not be possible since with these devices the personnel of the stations can make the reading several meters away from the vehicle, without having to interact with the driver.

In this regard, the director of RD Vial, Jean Luis Rodríguez, added that “this technology will be implemented in the stations where the fast lane services operate, in which other modernization processes will be added in parallel, replacing obsolete equipment, with more than a decade in use, as well as multiple improvements for the expansion and remodeling of the tolls”.

He added that “the stations had been dragging a technological backwardness, since as traffic increased, in greater proportion, and in view of the expected future growth in the flow of vehicles, the same should have been the investment for the replacement of equipment with more modern ones”.

Source: Arecoa.com


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