Technification is key to increasing the country’s agricultural production

The technification of the agricultural sector has been evolving as the industry continues to modernize towards digitalization, however, agriculture must be profitable for young people to stay in rural areas. This means that new young talent could contribute to the development of family farming.

For the representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in the Dominican Republic, Rodrigo Castañeda, food security is the situation in which all people have access to enough food to meet their dietary needs and develop a healthy life according to their age.

While agriculture generates jobs and income for an economy, the sector requires greater technological innovation such as irrigation technification.

“The importance is that it is efficient for agricultural productivity, guarantees food sustainability and makes us more competitive at the regional level,” said the executive during his participation in the activity “Impact of irrigation technification on food security in the context of climate change”, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex).

“The irrigation technification strategy seeks to incorporate technologies that allow a more efficient use, help agricultural productivity in the Dominican Republic and allow the creation of new jobs,” he said.

However, according to the executive, globally 14% of food is wasted from the harvesting process to its distribution, which means an economic loss of US$400 billion.


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