attractions of the northern region at Expo Cibao 2023

Dynamism, festivity and color took over the Tourism in Every Corner Stand, prepared by the Ministry of Tourism with the main tourist attractions of the provinces of Monseñor Nouel, Espaillat and Santiago, at the 36th edition of Expo Cibao 2023, which ended with resounding success, consolidating itself as the largest multi-sectoral exhibition in the country.

A show with dancers of the Son de Keka and characters from the Santiago Carnival brought dance and color to the Mitur exhibitor, to attract the visitors who gathered this Sunday, the last day of the Expo Cibao 2023, which took place from September 27 to October 1, and whose motto was: Santiago Hub of Investment.

Dedicated to the Heart City, this closing day of the event, attendees also received samples of the most iconic of Santiago, such as the routes of the Murals, tobacco production, the Centro León, monuments, churches and the hotel offerings of the Hodelpa chain, among others.

Ramón Paulino, president of Clúster Santiago Destino Turístico, said he was “very satisfied with the work done by Mitur in Expo Cibao 2023, as promoter of the great potential of Santiago and the diversity of offers provided by the provinces of Cibao, which attract local tourists and tourists from all over the world.

Martín Duquela, director of Domestic Tourism of the Mitur highlighted the massive acceptance achieved by the Tourism in Every Corner platform and the Mitur in Expo Cibao 2023, for bringing together in a single space all the riches of this region, such as art, culture, rivers, beaches, mountains, gastronomy and history.

He explained that the exhibits and tastings brought to the public at the Mitur stand have been chosen from the best of the participations of Tourism in Every Corner of these Cibao provinces.

“What we want is in each national fair to be able to bring each of the attributes of where we touch with this activity Tourism in Every Corner, to bring the best of what we are as Dominicans,” expressed Duquela.

Espaillat Province

Dedicated on Saturday to the Espaillat province, dynamism and creativity accompanied the tastings of products of great attraction in Moca such as the exclusive coffee prepared by Grano de Café; of Pescado Responsable prepared by Clariné Restaurant in Gaspar Hernández; dulce y rodao, by Jamao Ecoturs; mofongo mocano prepared by the restaurant Las 4F and a great variety of handmade ice creams by Arte Helados served by its owner, María Victoria Brito.

The information and promotion of the natural and ecotourism attractions were in charge of the Ecotourism Cluster of the Espaillat province, presided by Angela Rivas, with the support of the Association for the Development of the Espaillat province.

The tastings continued with a photo spot with two living faceless dolls, a symbol and identity of the city of Moca, Creole handicrafts and Dominican identity.


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