Banreservas at Fitur 2024: promotes tourism projects in Miches and Punta Bergantín

The general manager of Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra, highlighted the entity’s commitment to continue supporting tourism investment and assured the country’s success at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur 2024) where business alliances are projected in the Miches and Punta Bergantín destinations.

“Miches is the new paradisiacal place of the DR. Miches is one of the tourist destinations that will have the country’s focus during the fair,” he stressed.

He also said that Punta Bergantín is a reality, with approved hotel investments, so with the two projects, the fair is a reference for the Dominican people.

Before the new projects, Pereyra recalled that Banreservas has financed the construction of more than 2,000 hotel rooms, making the entity “the leading bank in this destination”, according to Acento.

“Today Banreservas is the leading bank in terms of financing in the tourism sector in the area,” he said while offering details on the bank’s financial indicators at the close of 2023, which reached “levels never before seen in the institution,” prior to Fitur 2024.

In this regard, the executive indicated that the banking institution achieved assets in excess of one trillion 127,606 million DR pesos and net profits of DR$24,500 million in 2023. He explained that the assets represent DR$ 103,975.8 million more than in December 2022, for a growth of 10.2%.

“This is a milestone that no bank in our financial system has reached, and in our case, we achieved the highest indicators in its history, representing 38.4% of the entire multiple banking market,” he specified.

He explained that the net profits obtained are a reflection of the efficiency shown by the Bank, which amounted to DR$ 24,500 million, increasing DR$ 2,474.2 million with respect to 2022, for a growth of 11.2% between both periods.

The Bank’s gross loan portfolio closed with DR$ 514,306 million in 2023, DR$ 88,207 million higher than in the same period of 2022.



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