Collado starts construction of multipurpose plaza in Santa Cruz de El Seibo

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, broke ground on the construction of the multi-purpose plaza in this municipality of El Seibo province, at a cost of over 300 million pesos.

The project is a work of 5,700 square meters of construction, in an intervention area of 20,560, designed with the objective of promoting the development of cultural tourism in the area, due to the fact that it is the only province in the country where the art of bullfighting is developed.

The plaza, which will have a capacity for 2,500 people, was designed taking into account the creation of inclusive architectural spaces, so that the user can have access to all its areas.

Collado said that the project will have a direct impact on the development of tourism in the area. “This work will mark a before and after in the promotion of tourism in this province,” he said.

The work will be built by the Executing Committee of Tourist Infrastructure (CEIZTUR) of the Ministry of Tourism, for a total amount of DR 300,780,963.26.

It has a 17,760 square meter recreational plaza surrounding the entire infrastructure, including parking lots for 102 vehicles, 7 buses, 36 engines.

In addition, 4,521 square meters of landscaping, a children’s area of 2,567 square meters, lighting, equipment, security; everything necessary for the use and enjoyment of all users who visit it.

The multi-purpose plaza project has a multi-purpose hall with a capacity for 60 people, boxes with a capacity for 56 people, offices, 6 sales modules of 70 square meters, as well as a preparation area, tables and kitchen.

There are also storage rooms, stables for the bulls during the celebrations, dressing rooms, ticket office, information point, gift store and waiting room.

The event was attended by Magalis Tabar de Goico, governor of the province; Santiago José Zorrilla, senator; Leo Francis Zorrilla Ramos, mayor of El Seibo; Sixto Brea, director of CEIZTUR, as well as entrepreneurs of the tourism sector, among other provincial and municipal authorities.


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