Ministry of Culture and University of Salamanca agree to strengthen Pedro Henríquez Ureña Chair

The Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic and the University of Salamanca signed a cooperation agreement that seeks to rescue and expand the Pedro Henríquez Ureña Chair of Dominican Studies, thus adjusting its objectives to current cultural realities.

This agreement, signed in the city of Tormes by Minister Milagros Germán and the Rector Magnificent of the university, Ricardo Rivero Ortega, seeks to value and promote reflection, study and dissemination of the humanities and social sciences.

It is a platform that will allow exhibiting, before the world, the result of the knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the imagination for centuries, which is relevant for being implemented in conjunction with the oldest institution of higher education in Spain and the third oldest in Europe.

For its execution, the implementation of various strategies is planned, such as stimulating cooperation between cultural and academic actors, identifying subjects of interest on both sides of the Atlantic and establishing collaborations with educational institutions, cooperation agencies and NGOs.

As part of the re-launching strategy of the National Publishing House, we will also seek to establish co-publications between it and the Publications Service of the University of Salamanca, thus contributing to the international projection of Dominican literature.

It should be noted that the wide range of possibilities offered by the Pedro Henríquez Ureña Chair of Dominican Studies represents a significant step in the process of promoting and disseminating Dominican culture beyond its borders.


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