Concern among Cancun hoteliers over the exodus of Brazilian tourists to the DR

Jesus Almaguer, president of the Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres, once again asked the Federal Ministry of Tourism to intercede with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the process for Brazilian tourists to enter the country with the electronic visa and “not to give those tourists to the Dominican Republic”.

“We ask the undersecretary to help us with the issue of visas for Brazilian tourists. We are losing 400 dollars for each tourist from that country. It is a tourism that gives us a lot. It is very important that we get to work. We are giving away the market to the Dominican Republic and Curacao. We need to catch up with tourism. We have the destinations, we have the people, which is the most important thing”, insisted the host of Travel Mart 2023.

On his side, Humberto Hernández Haddad, Undersecretary of Federal Tourism, pointed out that first the infrastructure had to be well planned before bringing more tourists than Quintana Roo could handle, referring to the Brazilians.

“Tourist spaces need to be subject to planning and that they can no longer be subject to last minute improvisation. The tourism phenomenon in Quintana Roo is growing at a speed where sizes are being exceeded and more spaces must be foreseen to satisfy Quintana Roo’s tourism potential in the Mexican Caribbean”, he assured.

Source: Arecoa

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