Cooler areas of the DR that invite tourism at this time of the year

If cold is your thing, this is an excellent time to visit some of the coolest places in the DR. The first place that comes to mind when talking about low temperatures and ecotourism is Constanza, a place that last weekend recorded the lowest temperatures in the last 10 years at -10 °C (-4 °F).

This municipality of La Vega is still in fashion for the excellent view produced by the greenery of its mountain system and the mild or warm temperatures that remain throughout the year.

In this place you can admire nature, walk through its streets, enjoy spas, visit various crops, have an adventure on wheels, taste the gastronomy and go hiking. Valle Nuevo National Park is one of the most visited places for camping. Along the same lines, Jarabacoa is another place to visit. In recent years it has had a great boom due to the interest in ecological and adventure tourism. There, Hermanas Mirabal Street welcomes hundreds of tourists who gather to enjoy Café Colao and Helados Ivon.

It’s time to climb Pico Duarte

Not everyone has the physical conditions to climb Pico Duarte, but for those who do, the time has come to climb! In this adventure you have only one goal: to climb to the top of the mountain range. Thanks to tour operators, there are several organized excursions to Pico Duarte.

Let’s head south!

Often running to the heat, we do not think of the south because it is known as an arid and hot area. However, in this part of the country it is possible to find pleasant temperatures. For example, there is Bahoruco. Among its options is to climb the Sierra de Bahoruco, which has low temperatures; explore the Enriquillo Lake National Park or take the much mentioned Coffee Route. There is also San José de Ocoa, which enjoys a cool climate of about 21 degrees Celsius and a lookout point that has become a real attraction. As it is not far from Santo Domingo, a weekend or day trip is a good idea.


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