Moca, in Espaillat, a destination with a lot (more than) mofongo

The year 2024 has arrived, and the best way to start it is with a trip to a destination with its own characteristics: Moca, the capital of the Espaillat province in the Cibao region of the DR; although it is known for the famous mofongo, it is a place with much more than an iconic dish in the national culture.

A little more than two hours from Santo Domingo (149.7 kilometers) or 18 km from the second largest city in the country, Santiago, this town offers a trip rich in natural resources, stories, dishes and enterprising people that not only boost the economy of the area, but also diversify the tourist offer.

It is a complete destination that can be visited in a weekend, with stops for the enjoyment of the older and younger members of the family. These are nine destinations you should visit on your trip to Moca.


Whether it is a quick trip to eat and see the “basic” places in the town, or a weekend with the family to explore new places, there are some points to visit such as the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, considered the most modern and beautiful in the DR. What stands out the most are its stained glass windows, organ and 60-meter high bell tower, which can be seen from every corner of the city of Moca.

Being a classic, the mofongo is a “must” that must be consumed when visiting Moca, some of the places with the most striking dishes are Las 4F or Chicharrón Factory, where you can find from typical dishes, to bet on the sure thing, to peculiarities in the form of mountain or cake. Yes, to celebrate a birthday, to share and even to take away.

The dessert can be according to the preference of the group. From a cozy space to take dozens of pictures with dozens of different hot or cold drinks, to an ice cream of the fruit or flavor you least imagine (or most like) in ArteHelado.

If the trip is extended, there is no shortage of lodging establishments, from the experience at NeoArte, which combines a specialty coffee shop at Grano de Café, a space filled with handicrafts from all over the country, including even pieces of larimar, and even lodging for about 10 people in three apartments, it’s an all-in-one experience.

At night, the nightlife offers safe and comfortable options such as, for example, La Finca Ranch, where you can start with a few drinks, conversations, dinner and end up singing and dancing in a friendly atmosphere.

For young and old

There are plenty of options for everyone on the trip. Whether you want to learn a bit of history, take beautiful pictures, or have the little ones be the real stars of the trip, there are places for every member.

Some examples are the 3D street, where some ingenuity is required to capture photographs with mind-blowing effects, the Ramón Cáceres House Museum to learn more about his history and see some of his belongings up close, or the garden and outside of the 26 de Julio Museum.

Younger children can play, learn about and enjoy the wide variety of species at the JD Dominican Farm, where they can find chickens from 10 different countries, with their unique and distinctive characteristics, peacocks, ducks, goats to play with, pesses and more.

In short, Espaillat is more than the mofongo that can be found in Moca. There are places like Jamao al Norte, Villa Trina, as well as Gaspar Hernández with beaches like Paraíso en Magante or Rogelio. This is a province that lives up to the slogan “it has it all”. In addition to religious tourism, it has hiking, waterfalls and history, because it has made three presidents, as well as burial place of a tyrant: Ulises Heureaux alias Lilís.

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