Dominican Republic leads passenger traffic among countries in the region

The Dominican territory continues to stand out in 2023 in the commercial aviation market, topping the list of countries with the highest number of passengers transported by air in Latin America, as announced by the Latin American Air Transport Association (ALTA).

According to a press release issued by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), it is explained that, as regards international passenger traffic, Dominican airport terminals transported 4.6 million passengers during the first quarter of this year, thus leading the list of passengers transported in the commercial aviation industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report prepared and presented by ALTA highlights that the Dominican Republic reached 111% of passenger traffic compared to 2019. In this regard, the report details that other countries that also excelled in growth during the first quarter of this year are:

Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

In the study, the Dominican Republic is in seventh place with 4.6 million passengers transported, Mexico with 29 million, Brazil with 27.4 million, Colombia 11.5, Argentina 6.9, Chile 6.4 and Peru 5.3 million.

Marte Piantini, president of the CAB, reminded the members of the plenary that “the Dominican Republic is the territory with the best air connectivity in the Caribbean and that the CAB continues its efforts in conjunction with the private sector and other government institutions that are part of the sector to turn the country into a hub that connects the Caribbean region with the rest of the world”.

The official informed the members of the plenary that as of 2022 the Dominican Republic will be among the first places as one of the most competitive countries in air transport in the region, according to the Air Transport Competitiveness Index.

He also informed that the Dominican Republic was the country in Latin America and the Caribbean that showed the greatest growth in passenger traffic during the year 2022.

More connections

During the tenth ordinary session, the members of the plenary heard the request for a Special Permit from the national air operator RED AIR to operate 1,323 flights on the routes:

La Romana/Miami/Camagüey/Miami/La Romana; La Romana/Miami/Holguín/Miami/La Romana; La Romana/Miami/Havana/Miami/La Romana; La Romana/Miami/Managua/Miami/La Romana; La Romana/Miami/Santa Clara/Miami/La Romana; La Romana/Miami/Santiago de Cuba/Miami/La Romana; and La Romana/Miami/Varadero/Miami/La Romana.

Operations on these seven routes will be carried out from July 11, 2023 to January 15, 2024, with a frequency of one daily flight from Monday to Sunday on each route.

Likewise, the members of the Plenary Meeting heard the request of the foreign air operator RUTACA to operate 26 flights under the modality of a Special Permit on the route Maturín, Venezuela/Santo Domingo/Maturín, Venezuela, from June 10, 2023 until September 6, 2023, with a frequency of two flights per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In this regard, the CAB plenary also heard Iberia and Finnair’s request to fly on the Madrid/Santo Domingo route, under the Code Sharing modality, in which Iberia will be the effective operator and Finnair, the market operator.

World 2 FLY will operate 5 flights on the route:

Madrid/Santiago/Santo Domingo /Madrid, from June 21, 2023 until July 19, 2023, with a frequency of one flight per week, on Wednesdays.

It is worth mentioning that these operations would be carried out during this year’s summer season.

During the knowledge of the known requests in the tenth session of the CAB, the president of the agency approved the request for amendment to the Certificate of Economic Authorization (CAE) of the national operator Arajet to include the routes: Santo Domingo /Aruba/Curaçao and Santo Domingo /Quito/Guayaquil.


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