DR tourism destination of excellence after roadshow in Germany

The Golden City Gate recognizes the Dominican Republic as the “Best Roadshow and Best Organizer of a Multimedia Event to Promote a Tourism Destination” in the German market.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic has revealed the extraordinary results of its first Roadshow held in Frankfurt, Germany, through its official Instagram account. This pioneering initiative, aimed at tour operators, airlines and travel agencies in the German market, has further consolidated the Dominican Republic’s position as a top tourist destination for European visitors.

The success of this Roadshow has been recognized with a prestigious award. The Golden City Gate, recognized as one of the most prominent awards in the travel industry, has awarded the Dominican Republic with the honors of “Best Roadshow and Best Organizer of a Multimedia Event to Promote a Tourism Destination”.

The award was selected by a jury of 42 tourism and communications experts, who meticulously evaluated key aspects such as concept and creativity, value, information, visual performance, music, language, design and emotion.

The impact of the Dominican Republic’s tourism promotion strategy in the German market has been remarkable. So far in 2023, a total of 67,235 German tourists have chosen the country as their preferred destination. This number highlights the Dominican Republic’s ability to captivate travelers with its stunning natural beauty, rich history and culture, and exceptional hospitality.

The recognized distinction of the Golden City Gate and the growing number of German tourists choosing the Dominican Republic demonstrate the success of the promotional strategies and the exceptional charm of the Caribbean paradise. European travelers can expect an unforgettable experience when choosing the Dominican Republic as their next vacation destination.

Source: Robertocavada.com

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