Fascinating tourist attractions in the DR

The Dominican Republic is a destination that has earned a place in the world of tourism. The cradle of merengue offers its visitors the opportunity to have fun, relax and enjoy this beautiful country, where the most outstanding feature is its natural beauty, scene of many movies and show business events. A unique destination recommended by a study elaborated by Betway, the referent in online slots in Ecuador.

It is one of the few countries that has coasts on both the Caribbean and the Atlantic, which makes it special for all kinds of tastes, adventures, luxury and ecotourism. So, here are some interesting places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

The first on the list could not be other than the most famous place on the island. Punta Cana, in Altagracia, is a Caribbean paradise of fine sand with great resorts. Almost every major airline has a direct flight to this place.

But the most attractive place, without a doubt, is Bávaro, where there is the best atmosphere and the greatest variety of activities to do.

Besides the beautiful beaches, you can take tours to Monkeyland, a coffee plantation where you can also go on safari. The horseback riding along the seashore is amazing. You can also throw yourself down the longest zip line in the Caribbean, to finish the day dancing at the Disco Imagine Punta Cana.

Secondly, we have to mention the Samana Peninsula. Surely you have seen its beaches and keys on television, as it is one of the favorite places for its spectacular views. In addition, it is one of the best value for money places in the Dominican Republic.

What stands out the most is the possibility of seeing humpback whales between February and March. And also its history, which is well reflected by the numerous prehistoric paintings of the Taino Indians.

Next, number three is for Bahia de las Aguilas, which is one of the most beautiful and crystalline beaches in the world. Beautiful by nature with its soft sands and Caribbean waters, this bay belongs to the Jaragua National Park, a protected region of Pedernales.

Here everything is made for environmental conservation, so there are no hotels or restaurants, so finding some shade will be really difficult.

The typical thing to do here is to swim in the sea, so you can observe native species that are at risk of extinction. The United Nations has declared it a World Biosphere Reserve.

In fourth place, there is Saona Island, which has become the obligatory stop for international tourists. Within the Parque Nacional del Este, it crosses the Catuano Channel, from the coast and to the south.

The Taino natives also lived on this island, which they called Andamay, and can only be reached by sea. This place, being so well protected, has only two businesses, but the construction of any other building outside these complexes is prohibited.

Despite this, there are several must-see places, such as the natural spa of no more than one meter deep, or the largest pool in the world, also natural. In addition, there are the Cotubanamá Cave and the Flamingo Lagoon.

And finally, we return to Altagracia to mention Bayahibe Beach, because it is also one of the main tourist destinations. Located in a Caribbean fishing community, the waves are calm enough to enjoy the sea without any danger.

Here you will find everything you need to have a good time, including the option of diving and snorkeling. At the end of the day, the spectacular scenery with the sunset is something to remember forever, besides getting great pictures.

So now you know, the Dominican Republic offers places to visit that few countries can boast.

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