JetBlue reduces its Thanksgiving flight offerings by 8%

Jetblue is the only U.S. airline that has reduced its Thanksgiving flight offerings, compared to the same period in 2022, while American, Delta, United have increased them.

For this year, Jetblue has scheduled 3,445 flights and 506,917 seats between November 22 and 26, 2023, which compared to 2022 in the same season (November 23 to 27), offered 3,731 flights and 553,635 seats, i.e. a reduction of 8% and 9%, respectively.

American and Delta will offer 2.67 million and 2.53 million seats, respectively, an increase of 4% and 6% compared to last year’s Thanksgiving season.

Southwest will offer 3.18 million available seats increasing 14% over last year, while Avelo will grow 57% and Breeze 80% this season, according to Simple Flying.

It is recalled that according to Cirium data, Jetblue reduced its operation with more than 3,000 flights scheduled for January 2024. Most of the routes eliminated depart from the three New York airports and will include flights from Boston and Florida.

Source: Arecoa

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