Dominican Embassy in Honduras promotes DR’s tourism diversity

With the purpose of expanding commercial ties and attracting capital through tourism, the diplomatic mission of the Dominican Republic to the government of Honduras, held a breakfast conference entitled “Dominican Republic a tourist destination with diverse offers”.

The event, which was attended by Honduran businessmen and tour operators, was held at the Clarion Hotel in Tegucigalpa, under the coordination of Hector Santana, Dionicio de Jesus and Otto Morales, members of the official mission of the Dominican Republic in Honduras.

The international guest speaker was the marketer and diplomat Jhanel Ferreras, who detailed in a masterly manner the following topics among them, the benefits of Dominican tourism, economic stability for investment, the cultural origin of the people, the market for public-private partnerships for foreigners and finally the climate of peace that Dominicans have.

He expressed that the Dominican Republic is the main economy of the Caribbean, with an exchange stability that will allow them to make guaranteed investments, to all the businessmen and Tours of Honduras.

“DR is one of the few countries in the world that combines beautiful beaches with the cold climate of the municipality of Constanza, located in the province of La Vega, with temperatures reaching zero degrees,” he said.

He said that the Dominican Republic is the most hospitable country in America and that it is only necessary to arrive at the airport to verify that visitors are in front of a different people.

In the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, we find the historical origins that served as the basis for the expansion of Hispanic culture in America, Honduras has something of the Dominican Republic, 531 years after 1492,” he said.

The speaker highlighted the political maturity and regional leadership of Dominican President Luis Abinader, as the main figure of Dominican diplomacy, faithfully interpreted by Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez and the entire diplomatic corps accredited abroad.

The activity was organized by Ambassador Luis Garcia, who assumes the vision of commercial expansion of President Abinader and the guidelines of compliance of the Dominican Foreign Minister Alvarez.

The businessmen and Tours present, asked questions that were answered and were highly interested in the commercial and tourist connection with their Dominican counterparts and it is predicted that by 2024 the air and tourist operations will be a reality for the good of both economies, according to Ciudad Oriental.

Source: Arecoa

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