Minister David Collado Recognized as Adopted Son of Cabrera

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, was recognized this Sunday as ”Adoptive Son of Cabrera”, for his great contributions in favor of the growth and development of tourism in the municipality.

The Resolution, in a single article, was read by the president of the municipal Chapter House, Nereyda Abreu, in the presence of the municipal mayor Marlon Angel Arias, members of the Council of Aldermen and other mayors of the province María Trinidad Sánchez.

Mr. David Collado Morales, as Minister of Tourism, has given our municipality a great support from this Ministry in favor of our growth in the tourism sector, and therefore, in our municipality”, says one of the recitals of the Resolution.

Collado was honored and proud to receive such a valuable distinction from a town with such a great tourist potential as Cabrera, which he said he carries in his heart, and which pushes him to continue to bring development with works that guarantee more security, employment and recreation to every corner of the country.

This recognition took place in the middle of the celebration of the first edition of the Cabrera Food Festival, inaugurated by Minister Collado and the Mayor’s Office of this municipality, which took place in the Central Park of this locality.

Mayor Arias, together with the other municipal authorities applauded the promise fulfilled by the Minister of Tourism to promote the development of this locality and of the whole province, in addition to making the first gastronomic festival ”Cabrera Food Festival” a reality with the performance of the main exponents of merengue El Prodigio and Los Hermanos Rosario.

El Prodigio” designated as ”El Prodigio” to the Tourist Pedestrian Walkway

Prior to the lively performance on stage of Krency García, ”El Prodigio”, the resolution of the Municipal Chapter was read in which it was declared to designate with his artistic name the Tourist Pedestrian Walkway dedicated to the typical music, and recently inaugurated by Minister Collado at a cost of more than 9 million pesos.

This route includes Duarte Street to Lorenzo Alvarez Street in front of the new boardwalk of the coastal town.

Meanwhile, the new seawall of Cabrera, inaugurated last November, was built at a cost of more than 73 million pesos.

Minister Collado is being recognized for the second consecutive year in this northeastern municipality, having been honored last year by the municipal council during the XIII edition of the Cabrera Tourism and Agricultural Fair in Spring, for his efficient work in favor of tourism and his contribution to the development of the event.

Cabrera Food Festival 2023 began this Sunday, October 14 through October 22, and is the ideal scenario for the promotion and sale of products and the gastronomic offer of Cabrera residents, where more than 20 exhibitors have gathered, including restaurants, fast food, desserts, national and international beverages, among other offerings.

Apart from the varied sale and exhibition of products, throughout the week there will be presentations of renowned local groups and artists to bring fun and liven up the festival in this its first edition.


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