More than 5.3 million tourists to visit DR in the first 6 months of 2023

The Minister of Tourism presented the results of the sector’s performance in the first semester of this year, at a luncheon that had the honorary presence of the governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu.

Tourism Minister David Collado revealed on Monday that for the first time in history, the Dominican Republic received more than 5.3 million visitors in the first six months of the year, which, according to his projection, guarantees that the goal of 10 million tourists will be reached.

Presenting the results of the behavior of tourism in the first half of this year, at a luncheon that had the honorary presence of the governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, Minister Collado reported that in June alone the country received 707,283 tourists, which represents a growth of 21%more than in 2018, 20% more than in 2019 and 10% more than in 2022.

He reported that, in the January-June period 4,086,675 tourists visited the Dominican Republic by air, the highest reception of visitors received by the country in six months.

Minister Collado also highlighted the sustained growth that the country is maintaining with the arrival of cruise passengers through the various ports.

He reported that for the first time 1,267,451 cruise passengers visited the Dominican Republic in the first six months of the year.

“If we add those who visited by air and sea, the country received an incredible 5,354,126 people, something historic,” said Collado.

The official understands that if by mid-year the arrival of 5.3 million tourists has been registered, the goal of 10 million visitors will surely be reached.

Meanwhile, Governor Albizu defined as “extraordinary” the work done by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado and his team, after welcoming the figures offered by the official of more than 4 million tourists by air in the first half of the year.

He said that the Minister of Tourism, with the support of President Luis Abinader, has made a transformation in the development of the industry and the country’s economy, contributing to the financing of the current account of the balance of payments with the generation of foreign currency contributed by this sector.

He considered, that these recent figures “confirm that the Dominican Republic is geared to once again be one of the most visited destinations in the Latin American region by the close of 2023” and with the projection of reaching 10 million visitors.


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