PUCMM and Clúster Turístico de Puerto Plata join forces

The agreement was signed by Reverend Father Dr. Secilio Espinal, Rector Magnificent of the PUCMM, and Birgitt Heinsen, President of the Tourism Cluster.

The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and the Clúster Turístico del Destino Puerto Plata (CTDPP) have signed a historic collaboration and exchange agreement to promote the development of tourism in the region. The alliance seeks to strengthen the sector and promote the economic and educational growth of the Puerto Plata destination.

The agreement signed will allow both institutions to coordinate and join efforts to carry out reciprocal activities, programs and joint projects, as well as share technical resources to improve tourism management in the area.

One of the main objectives of this partnership is to promote market intelligence and research in the tourism sector. It is expected that this will generate opportunities for competitiveness and growth, while at the same time being able to evaluate and assess tourism policies and initiatives through updated indicators on demand, supply and visitor satisfaction levels.

The agreement was signed by Reverend Father Dr. Secilio Espinal, Rector Magnificent of the PUCMM, and Birgitt Heinsen, President of the Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster. Both leaders pledged to support research and studies that promote development in science, technology and innovation, integrating all actors in the tourism value chain.

Reverend Espinal highlighted the importance of this agreement due to the historical link between the PUCMM and the province of Puerto Plata, where the university offered its first technical training in tourism in 1979. Now, both institutions will work together to strengthen the sustainability and socioeconomic development of the destination.

For her part, Birgitt Heinsen expressed her gratitude to the PUCMM for the cooperation, especially at a time when tourism in the province has experienced significant growth. The construction of systematic statistics and analysis will be essential to make informed decisions and understand the impact of tourism policies and management plans.

Within the framework of this agreement, both entities are committed to support researchers, teachers and students in various areas of common interest. Joint publications and research incentive activities will also be carried out, as well as student internships and research projects.

The signing ceremony for this alliance took place on Tuesday, August 1, at the Rector’s Office meeting room on the Santiago Campus. This collaboration represents a great opportunity for the economic, social and cultural development of tourism in the region and, without a doubt, an important step towards a promising future for the Puerto Plata destination.

Source: Diariodigital.com.do

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