The DR received 545,990 tourists in September alone

Minister David Collado affirmed this Thursday that tourism maintains an “unstoppable growth”, by registering this month the arrival of 545,990 visitors, thus reaching the historic figure of 7,625,986 in the January-September period.

“Those are historic numbers, which are felt in the economy and the best of all is that this growth is unstoppable,” said Minister Collado when presenting the statistics for the month of September, during an event held at the El Embajador hotel.

He reported that, in September, only by air, 478,794 tourists entered the country, which represents 48% more than the same month of 2019, 31% more than in 2021 and 11% more than in 2022.

He expressed that this sustainable growth is also reflected in the cruise industry.

He noted that in September the country received the arrival of 67,196 cruise passengers, totaling 1,602,411 in the period.


“If we look at these figures, we are talking about the Dominican Republic receiving in the January-September period no more and no less than 7,625,986, a true record,” Collado indicated.

He pointed out that the projections for tourist arrivals at the end of the year will exceed 7.9 million, which would be a new record.

He reiterated that by the end of 2023 the Dominican Republic will surpass the goal of 10 million tourists.


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