“We decided to start our path in the luxury segment with the Cayo Levantado Resort in Samaná.”

Cayo Levantado Resorts in Samaná, of the Bahía Príncipe hotel chain, is the new proposal of a luxury resort concept dedicated to wellness, which has satisfied its visitors, but more so its owners.

In that sense, Isabel Piñero, CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) of the group, said that in the Spanish hotel group “we are in love with Samaná: Cayo Levantado is a paradise (an island within an island) and we opened a resort there in 2006 under the Bahia Principe brand that was in operation until we closed during the pandemic. It was then, when we realized that it was the perfect location to create a project different from everything we had done so far and start our path in the luxury segment”.

He indicated that the growth in the demand for wellness experiences by clients, made them lean towards the referred segment, for which he cited different studies, such as the one by McKinsey for Círculo Fortuny; which concludes that 40% of luxury travelers have booked wellness and wellness destinations in the last five years.

“At Grupo Piñero, we do a lot of research and analysis on the trends and demands of today’s travelers. In fact, just as we have found that wellness tourism is on the rise, we also know that luxury travelers, specifically 74% of them, are willing to pay more for sustainable tourism experiences, and 78% are more likely to choose an accommodation if it has sustainable practices,” he added.

Piñero, said that with the aforementioned experience and declared love for the Dominican Republic they decided to give soul to their project with a concept on which to base a coherent narrative, according to TELVA.

“Our purpose was to create a unique concept based on sustainability, inspired by the local culture of Cayo Levantado, and to be innovative, hence we decided to honor the island by naming this new project after it. It all stemmed from the “Hidden Rhythm” concept, through which we sought to highlight three central pillars: honoring the natural rhythm through environmental sustainability, celebrating the cultural rhythm by inviting guests to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the Dominican Republic, and cultivating the inner rhythm by connecting mind, body and spirit in a unique wellness experience. This is how Cayo Levantado Resort was born,” he said.

Source: Arecoa

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