Arajet consolidates its position: moves 75% of passengers among Dominican airlines

Arajet informed that it has been the Dominican airline with the highest activity during last November 2023 where it transported a total of 54,243, being the record month in its 14 months of operations and representing 75% of the total number of airlines with national registration.

The data were offered in the recent report of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) where they highlight the results of the commercial aviation of the DR led by Arajet which is also already the second airline in general with more operations at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA), surpassing international airlines such as American Airlines, Delta or Copa.

Therefore, Victor Pacheco Mendez, CEO & Founder of Arajet, said that these figures are a demonstration of how Arajet is increasingly gaining relevance in the national air operation, which is turning the DR into the new air Hub of the American Continent.

“We are very proud that these 54,243 passengers have chosen Arajet to come to the DR and to this we add more than 10,000 who used Arajet to connect with other destinations in the continent, which means that more than 66,000 passengers were transported in our airline in a single month, and we expect that in December there will be more than 70,000,” he said.

He stated that they continue with their bet of democratizing to turn Santo Domingo into the new Hub of the Caribbean that connects the continent and they project to achieve the milestone of being the Dominican airline that will transport between 5 and 10% of the tourists that will come to the country in 2024.

The JAC report showed that the Dominican based airlines, as a whole, transported a total of 72,687 passengers in November 2023, being this number 5% of the total passenger traffic by all airlines, to/from the country. The second national airline with the highest passenger traffic was Sky High with 18% and the third Air Century with 6%.


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