Arajet wins two awards for modernity of its aircraft fleet

Arajet airline was awarded at the World Aviation Summit as the “best new airline in the world”, winning two new international awards for the modernity of its aircraft fleet.

According to a press release, Arajet was recognized by CH Aviation as the second airline in the Americas with the newest aircraft and the third worldwide.

According to the communication made public by CH Aviation, Lynx Air has the youngest fleet of aircraft in the Americas with an average of 2.81 years old, followed by Arajet, which has a fleet with an average of 2.93 years old. In third place was JetSmart with an average age of 3.01 years, being the number one airline in South America.

The publication indicates that globally, the airline in the number one position was the Asian Starlux Airline, with a fleet of aircraft 2.04 years old. After Starlux, the top 5 of the world ranking is completed by Lynx Air, followed by the Dominican Arajet, the Asian Vistara and the South American JetSmart.

Victor Pacheco, CEO and founder of Arajet, affirmed that this new recognition is a confirmation of their commitment to have a fleet of modern and efficient aircrafts, hand in hand with The Boeing Company.

“Our fleet of airplanes, besides being among the most modern in the world, is also the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet thanks to the technology used by the Boeing 737 Max 8, which consumes less fuel and produces less sonic pollution than other airplanes of its kind,” said Pacheco.
Arajet was evaluated with the fleet with which it closed the year 2023, which was eight Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, and according to the company, it will continue to add new aircraft to its fleet in 2024 to continue expanding its network, which today connects 23 destinations in 16 countries throughout the Americas.


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