Mitur’s aid plan for airlines

David Collado launched an aid plan for airlines and tour operators as soon as he arrived at Mitur, which was not only fast, but also accurate. Airlines are more vital for tourism than hotels, the complementary offer and the businesses that operate around them: without flights there is no paradise. Hence, the Ministry of Tourism should carefully analyze all the steps to be taken to continue with this aid.

Because there are nuances. As a department essentially dedicated to tourism, it should not be the same for Mitur to support companies focused on tourist flights than those that basically transport domestic passengers. These are within their rights to request subsidies, but from a ministry other than Collado’s, born to attract clients from outside the country.

In addition, the ministry has to be vigilant with the air projects they support. It is not the first time that Mitur has been proposed, and accepted, flight plans that later are not put into practice, such as the link to New York by a Spanish airline, among others that have never been carried out. It is necessary to be alert with those who go too far.

Mitur would do well to help the airlines integrated in tour operators, from the American to the Canadian ones, including the purely tourist airlines of Europe and Latin America. And it will be equally plausible to support serious initiatives that contribute to generate more tourist air traffic, which is what keeps hotels busy and, therefore, gives life to tourist destinations. In other words, to the country.

Source: Arecoa

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