Revolution to expand baggage space inside airplanes

Airbus will debut in 38 of Lufthansa’s Airbus A320s in 2025 the Airspace L Bins, which will be able to store 60% more and larger luggage, which will prevent passengers from checking in their bags.

According to the manufacturer, the installation of the Airspace L Bins will only require minor modifications in the cabin, which will make it easier for airlines to implement the change, as Airbus assures that they can be installed in three to five days.

With this new design, the capacity of the XL bin compartments of 2019 will go from 40% to the Airspace L Bins, which will be 60%, as they will be able to accommodate in each container suitcases of 61 cm (height) by 38 cm (width) and 25 cm (depth), as reported by ABC.

“The L garbage cans can be upgraded in three to five days, which means less aircraft downtime for the airline. Secondly, they allow space for three additional bags per container, creating a better experience for customers and crew,” Lufthansa explained.

As reported, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) there are 16 airlines that do not charge a hand luggage supplement. Among these are Iberia, Air Europa and American (Iberia, Air Europa and American, among the airlines that do not charge for carry-on baggage).

These airlines allow carry-on baggage without charge, but in different dimensions and weight. Iberia in basic tourist fare with a suitcase of 40x30x15 by 56x40x25 and a maximum weight of 10 kilograms, does not charge. In the case of Air Europa, in tourist lite fare with measures 35x30x20 by 55x35x25 and 10 kilograms of weight, it does not charge either.


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