Dominican Film Festival inaugurates its V edition with the premiere of “Rango de Honor”

The Dominican Film Festival -FestcineRD- opened its fifth edition on Monday with a gala screening of the world premiere of the drama and action feature film ‘Rango de Honor’, a Dominican film directed by Carlos Salcedo, produced by Ángela Medina, scripted by Eudys Cordero and based on the unpublished book by journalist José Monegro.

Selinée Méndez gave the welcoming remarks and the event was attended by the festival’s director and founder, Armando Guareño; its general producer, Jéssica Monegro; Marianna Vargas Gurilieva, director of DGCine; Guillermo Asencio, director of Palacio del Cine; sponsors, collaborators, media and members of the Dominican Republic’s film industry.

During the presentation at Palacio del Cine in Blue Mall Santo Domingo, Armando Guareño, highlighted the high quality of the national film industry and emphasized the importance of the festival and the projection of Dominican cinema abroad. “This event is an effort of the entire industry, which has gained international prestige for the quality of its productions and has received international recognition,” said Guareño.

The lineup will be complemented by an official selection of films that will be entered in the competitions for feature-length fiction films, documentary films, ‘made here’, children’s films, student films and ‘Dominicans in the Diaspora’. In addition to the Don Fernando Baez Grand Prize and the Patricia Ascuasiati Special Award for the ‘Volver a Mirar’ section, the following categories will be recognized: best film, director, actress and actor, short film ‘made here’, short film ‘Dominicans in the Diaspora’, supporting actress and actor, screenplay and special mentions for ‘best film and short film’.

Among the parallel short film screenings are ‘Flowers of this World’, a block of short films on gender violence; ‘Urban Lives’, a show that portrays the daily life of Dominican neighborhoods; ‘Lives on the Edge’ with short films that analyze the life of dysfunctional families; ‘Parallel Lives’, with blocks referring to tolerance, equity and diversity; among others.

The box office cost will be 2×1 and the production will be present in an intense billboard that will be broadcast in Palacio del Cine de Blue Mall, Agora Mall, Sambil, Occidental and Multiplaza; and will cover five cities and will be added for the first time, the municipalities of Cabarete and Bávaro, and the provinces of San Juan De La Maguana and Puerto Plata.

The closing ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28 with the international premiere of the film ‘La Cuna del Dembow’ directed by Rodrigo Rodriguez, to be held at Palacio del Cine of Agora Mall.

Workshops & Conferences

As part of the festival, a special room will be set up where producers, directors and actors will participate in colloquiums, workshops and panels, as well as a unique opportunity for individual conversations with free access and open to the general public, with a view to contributing to the education and development of the film industry.

The event is officially sponsored by Palacio del Cine, BanReservas and the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in New York (USA). Media partners: Grupo de Comunicaciones Corripio, CDN, El Caribe and El Nuevo Diario. Also supported by the Dirección General de Cine (DGCINE), JP Chenet, Ministerio de la Juventud, Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo, Press Media Center, Not Line Contenidos Dominicanos, VIP Laser Clinic, Leonardos 5th Avenue, Forever Crystals, Ozone Energy Drink, Ron Puntacana Club, Java Pay, Mamitas Tequila & Soda, Fundación Municipios al Día, The Morning Beat, RD Fashion Week, Uptown Dresses and Güilamo Entertainment.

Awards Jury

-Alfonso Quiñones, president of the jury and member of the Dominican Association of Press and Film Critics (ADOPRESCI).
-Omar Reyes, member of ADOPRESCI.
-Smayle Domínguez, member ADOPRESCI.
-José Aquino, member ADOPRESCI.
-Victor Piñeyro, member ADOPRESCI.
-Pavel González, film buff and cultural manager.

About the film Rango de Honor

Rango de Honor’, narrates the difficulties and misunderstandings faced by an honest officer who decides to fight against drug trafficking structures. The film also shows the link between illegal travel and the emergence of large drug trafficking structures in the Dominican Republic.

Director: Carlos Salcedo
Production: Ángela Medina
Script: Eudys Cordero
Based on the unpublished book by journalist José Monegro.

The film covers the genres of drama and action, with the participation of renowned actors such as Jalsen Santana and Manolo Ozuna, accompanied by Anthony Alvarez, Irving Alberti, Eva Arias, Liza Blanco, Rene Castillo, Mario Lebron and Angeline Monegro. As well as Bernardita García, Jhoel López, Liondy Ozoria, Mabel Henríquez, Vlad Sosa, Amaury Pérez, Vicente Santos, Ryan Lizardo, Vladimir Acevedo, Magnolia Núñez, Ian Morales, Mario Núñez, Karla Hatton, Niurka Mota, Amanda Musa, Richarson Díaz, Miguel Lendor, among others.

The mission of FestCineRD is to promote the Dominican film industry to the new generation of filmmakers, as well as those already established, and to strengthen the vital and growing relationship between the economy and culture of the Dominican Republic, with productions made by and for Dominicans.

It is the only country-brand festival that for more than a decade has screened the best of Dominican cinema abroad (United States -New Jersey and New York-) and Canada (Montreal).

The Dominican Film Festival RD -FestCineRD-, is a project organized by Miradas RD and the Dominican Film Festival New York, in collaboration with Palacio del Cine.


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