The Dominican Republic’s landmark film, patterns and trends

On September 28th the movie “CONVIVENCIA” will be shown in theaters across the country, and will change the generalized idea that in the Dominican Republic only superficial films are made, such as comedies; it will also change the idea that there are no qualified technicians to make good films.

This film belongs to the production house EMPORIUM MEDIA, produced and written by Tony Gomez Guzman, was masterfully directed by Jose Gomez de Vargas. They had a wonderful and talented cast of actors with experience and experience, who respect the craft of acting and transmit that discipline on screen via the characters they play. The cast includes Francis Cruz, Pachy Méndez, Gerardo Mercedes, Niurka Mota, Karina Valdez, Ángela Bernal, Mario Núñez, Ruth Emeterio and Roger Wasserman.

In this dramatic thriller, music and sound are used as another character that elevates the feelings that the story conveys, immersing the audience in the film like no other local production has ever done.

This production has an international aspect that demonstrates the maturity that the film industry has had thanks to the film promotion law (law 108-10); and the need to continue supporting this industry that generates much wealth to the coffers of the nation. It is definitely a Dominican pride that you cannot miss.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see CONVIVENCIA from September 28th at Palacio del Cine and Carribean Cinemas theaters, distributed by the International Film Distributor thanks to Mr. Guillermo Asencio.

Tag line

“We are all ‘guilty’ until proven innocent”.


After the mysterious death of a tenant in a Santo Domingo condominium, the rest of the condominium owners are summoned by the police for interrogation.

In a narrow room and waiting for the officer in charge, tension and fear takes over the suspects, causing them to accuse each other until each one proves his innocence in front of the others. But, ……. one of them is lying.


Convivencia deals with the most imperative human need, ‘Survival’.

It presents the interaction of a group of people who, even though they are neighbors, are capable of bringing out the worst in each other, in order to defend themselves from the others.

How far are we capable of going in order to defend ourselves?

Do we know the real limits of action of the people around us?


Another aspect that separates this production from others is the marketing strategy they have executed, with more than eight (8) months before the premiere they have developed an organic campaign from behind the scenes, photos of the shooting and videos of each character; as well as the production of interviews with the actors disseminated in all social networks.

The spectacular graphic line of the poster and each promotional poster of the characters of this choral film, have been exquisite and very much in keeping with the ‘mood’ of the film. The production house delegated this important task to the CGW Advertising Agency, who have developed this excellent work, and we hope that all other productions will develop a similar or better campaign so that a culture of watching movies in the country can really be created and the positive balances are really shown when it comes to box office revenues.

Emporium Media: “Plane by Plane We Create Stories”

Emporium Media was founded in 2011 by Mr. José Gómez De Vargas and Mr. Tony Gómez Guzmán. It is a film and television production company, with the objective of producing films with a universal language, promoting co-production with different countries and the conquest of markets with different languages and geographies.

Over the years, Emporium Media has been present in different festivals such as the Berlin International Film Festival, the Guadalajara Film Festival, among others.

Emporium Media is characterized by making films with good stories well told, and they bet on local talent. The company’s management believes that the country has the necessary tools to make very good films, films that can compete at any level and in any scenario, and that is precisely the goal they always have as their goal.


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