Tourism assumes “Ruta de Arte y Color” in Puerto Plata

The Ministry of Tourism is working on a plan to beautify Puerto Plata, painting different places in the head municipality of San Felipe and also other communities in the province.

Atahualpa Paulino, Northern regional director of Tourism, said that this province is beginning to experience a unique visual metamorphosis thanks to the initiative of the murals, in the so-called “Route of Art and Color”.

Paulino explained that this project stands as a tangible manifestation of the Ministry of Tourism’s commitment to the promotion of local history, culture and traditions, using mural art and color as catalysts for social change.

The meticulous selection of the artistic proposals, in charge of Ceiztur, has allowed outstanding artists under the direction of Yineida Fernandez, local artists such as: Gregory Suero, Nelson Mendoza, Alex Jimenez, Misael Amos, Oscar Mauricio, Adalberto de la Cruz, Lidisset Reyes, Luis Manuel Castro, among others, to capture their creativity and talent in these public spaces.

“This route goes beyond aesthetics, seeking to dignify urban spaces, foster a sense of belonging among local citizens and cultivate admiration and respect in visitors exploring the city,” notes the official.

Paulino said that this is a transforming vision, of the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, who he said has played a fundamental role in leading this initiative with the clear objective of beautifying Puerto Plata.



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