Forthing, new vehicle brand in the Dominican Republic

Forthing, a brand recognized internationally for its innovation, avant-garde design and commitment to excellence, arrives in the Dominican Republic through Grupo Avant.

At the activity held to present this new vehicle, those present verified that the Forthing brand has a wide range of models that combine state-of-the-art technology, advanced safety and elegant style. It aims to redefine the way Dominicans experience the road.

“This brand will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the world of vehicles, providing options that adapt to the needs and desires of customers,” said Tommy Terrero, Commercial Director of Grupo Avant.

He stated that the Forthing models will be available at Grupo Avant dealerships nationwide starting this Wednesday, August 30.

“We invite interested parties to visit authorized dealers to discover and experience first-hand all the features and advantages that these vehicles offer.”

The three models

Forthing T5 EVO: a vehicle that combines powerful performance with efficiency and advanced technology. Designed to meet the demands of modern drivers, the T5 EVO offers a dynamic driving experience and exceptional comfort.

Forthing T5 Heathwave: This model stands out for its sporty styling. The T5 Heathwave provides a perfect balance between practicality and sportiness with spoilers that highlight its imposing and aerodynamic stance, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a vehicle that suits their active lifestyle.

Forthing T5 HEV: The hybrid version of the T5 series, the T5 HEV, reflects Forthing’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency. This vehicle combines advanced hybrid technology with a modern and exciting design, providing an environmentally friendly alternative without compromising performance.


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