Cruise ship tourism continues to have an impact on Puerto Plata

Cruise tourism continues to have a positive impact on the economy of this province of Puerto Plata, with 27 ships expected to arrive in August at the ports of Amber Cove and Taino Bay.

So far this year, an estimated 200 cruise ships have arrived at the two ports.
The Northern Regional Director of Tourism, Atahualpa Paulino, while sharing the calendar of cruise ship arrivals, informed that 16 of the 27 cruise ships are expected to arrive through the Port of Amber Cove, belonging to the renowned Carnival Corporation.

On the other hand, 11 cruise ships will dock at the Port of Taino Bay, owned by ITM Group.
According to the information provided by the regional director, the arrival of these cruise ships is a reflection of the growth and tourist attraction that Puerto Plata continues to maintain.

“Despite the fact that we are in the low season months for the tourism sector in the Caribbean, the city continues to attract a significant number of cruise ships,” Paulino said.

He said that these cruise ship visits represent a great opportunity for Puerto Plata, because they boost the local economy and promote tourism, which translates into a benefit for both local businesses and the community in general.

Atahualpa Paulino expressed his satisfaction with the arrival of these cruise ships and stressed the importance of maintaining the attractiveness of Puerto Plata as a tourist destination, highlighting the natural beauty, cultural richness and hospitality offered by “The Bride of the Atlantic”.

The regional tourism office continues to work in coordination with the various local stakeholders to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for tourists visiting the city, complying with all established health and safety protocols.

With the arrival of these cruise ships, Puerto Plata consolidates itself as an attractive tourist destination.



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