DR launches first global loyalty plan for travel agents

In an event led by President Luis Abinader, the Ministry of Tourism launched the DO Travel Rewards platform, a global loyalty program for travel agents sending tourists to the Dominican Republic.

During the activity in which more than 500 international travel agents from all over the Americas participated, the president said that, “in addition to rewarding the efforts of all travel agents, DO Travel Rewards will be a platform for connection and community between international and local partners: hotels, agents and receptive top, experience providers, among other players in our value chain”.

“We continue to innovate and this innovation is the first loyalty system that a country has in the world and this is DO Travel Rewards which, with your help, we are going to make it a great success,” said Abinader.

He added that this platform adds to the effort that has been made to adapt our promotion and positioning strategy to the new era, where information, technology and the experience itself are fundamental parts of a good sales strategy.

“Have the Dominican Republic as your second homeland, have it as your second home, and know that we thank you here and we will always listen to any suggestions you may have to continue improving,” he told those present.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, said that this loyalty program is a pioneer in our history, and reaffirms the commitment to ensure that the Dominican Republic continues to promote the arrival of tourists; it aims to build loyalty, inform and strengthen the relationship with travel agents.

Collado informed that this initiative is part of a strategy that began with more than 40 visits to the main cities around the world that send tourists to the Dominican Republic. “This platform gave us the opportunity to design a plan adapted to the needs and aspirations of our partners,” he said.

For years, tour operators and travel agents have served as a marketing, sales and service channel for tourists who each year contribute more than US$5 billion to the Dominican economy. This plan, in addition to renewing and sealing that commitment, is a recognition based on effort and results.

The program’s features include a rewards plan, training, information and familiarization trips to different destinations in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Eldia.com.do


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