Colonial City: twenty projects presented to rescue its attractions

With the objective of revitalizing the urban, economic and cultural tourism aspects of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, the Dominican Government is implementing the Integral Program for the Tourist and Urban Development of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo or Revitalization Program (Tu Ciudad Colonial), composed of some twenty projects that are currently underway.

The Program seeks to convert public spaces in the historic center of Santo Domingo into more livable, walkable, inclusive and accessible areas, for residents, merchants and the local and international tourism that visits it.

The program includes:

Improving livability conditions for residents.
Development of the local economy, and
the strengthening of tourism, cultural and social management.
It is developed within the framework of a second US$ 90 million program, subscribed between the Dominican State and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which initiated the second intervention in Ciudad Colonial, which also counts with the co-financing of 3 million euros from the European Union for the Electromobility Program and the Housing Improvement Program (Promevi).

This initiative is executed by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) through its Program Coordinating Unit (UCP) and in conjunction with the Office of the Mayor of the National District (ADN) and the Ministry of Culture.

Innovative elements that have contributed to its successful development include inter-institutional coordination, as well as the integration, participation and communication with all the actors involved in the Colonial City, through public consultations, and the Social Attention Unit (UAS).

Source: Arecoa

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