Collado celebrates DR leadership in reserves

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, shared through his social networks news that fills all Dominicans with pride, the Dominican Republic has demonstrated an exceptional performance in the field of tourism.

The revealing data, placing the Dominican Republic in the first position of most demanded tourist destinations in reservations for the month of September 2023. With an impressive 141%, the Caribbean country outperforms other popular destinations such as Mexico with 116%, Brazil with 86%, and the United States with 107%, among others.

Collado expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement through a message on his social networks: “We are still going strong in tourism! The ForwardKeys platform presents its newsletter with the September 2023 booking results, and we are in the No. 1 position. news to celebrate!”

The outstanding performance in the tourism sector underscores the effective management and promotion of the DR as a top tourism destination. The Caribbean nation continues to attract visitors from around the world, cementing itself as a place of choice for those seeking unique and memorable experiences.

Source: Arecoa

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