DGII celebrates third version of Tax Culture School Day

With various activities in 38 educational centers throughout the country, the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) culminated the celebration of the Tax Culture Week, on Friday, October 27, the third version of the School Tax Culture Day, as mandated by the National Education Council.

Students and teachers prepared socio-dramas, songs, murals, among other educational and artistic activities allusive to promoting knowledge of the contents on this aspect and fostering Tax Culture.

While participating in one of the events, at the Luis Muñoz Rivera School in the National District, the Director General of Internal Taxes, Luis Valdez Veras, highlighted the work that the Tax Education Department carries out throughout the year with the training it provides.

“One of the days I enjoy the most in the institution is this October 27. Regardless of the fact that the institution has been doing this type of work for many years with the Tax Education Department, but this year we managed to get the National Education Council to declare October 27 as School Tax Culture Day,” said the official.

Valdez Veras urged the students to be interested in tax matters, since professionals in this area are required, both for the practice in companies and for teaching.

“My exhortation is that they learn about tax matters,” said Valdez Veras during the ceremony.

While José Luis Sosa, academic director of the center, stressed the importance of citizens knowing about tax issues because they must be aware of the commitment of society.

“Being part of society gives us rights and also creates obligations and taxes are the obligations that we have as citizens and that will allow us to enjoy benefits,” said Sosa.

He assured that the school’s doors are open to promote tax culture or any other topic that may arise. “With this type of activity we are making our homeland,” he emphasized.

Valdez Veras and Luz Castro, in charge of the Tax Education Department, gave recognition to the school for its outstanding participation in the Tax Culture Week, as well as other educational centers nationwide.

Rafael Rodríguez, general director of the center, expressed his gratitude for the award and showed his willingness to cooperate with the DGII.


Enthusiastically, with the support of the DGII and the Ministry of Education, students and teachers presented various creative proposals aimed at creating tax awareness throughout the educational community, promoting civic values and compliance with tax duties.

Since 2021, October 27 is dedicated to the commemoration of the School Tax Education Day, approved by the National Education Council at the request of the DGII, to promote values and good citizenship practices in the fulfillment of tax obligations.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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