Digepres launches documentary series “The Budget in History”

As part of the commemoration of the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte, the General Budget Directorate (Digepres) launched the documentary series “Budget in History”, an initiative of the Communications Department, to exalt patriotic values, transparency and neatness, from public service and citizen actions.

The launching ceremony was headed by the General Director of Budget, José Rijo Presbot, together with the Deputy General Director of Budget, Iván Ramírez; accompanied by the Minister of Public Administration, Darío Castillo Lugo and Rómulo Arias Moscat, General Director of Government Accounting, among other Budget officials.

The event was welcomed by Lidia Castillo, member of the Government Integrity and Regulatory Compliance Commission (CIGCN), who in her speech invited collaborators, present and future generations, to emulate the behavior exhibited by Juan Pablo Duarte in favor of transparency and respect for the country.

For his part, Bienvenido Díaz, head of the Audiovisual Production and Digital Graphics division of Presupuesto, explained that the short film tells the story of the country’s first accounting, written in Juan Pablo Duarte’s handwriting in favor of the independence cause. “There is no more appropriate moment than this January 26, to present a document that happens to be a faithful reflection of the ethics, honesty and transparency of the patrician, which are, in addition, our institutional values,” said Díaz.

Meanwhile, Rómulo Arias Moscat, general director of Government Accounting, joined the interventions, after the screening of the documentary, said that transparency must be the main pillar of public officials and managers.

The Director of Budget, Rijo Presbot, who was in charge of the closing remarks of the event, emphasized that Juan Pablo Duarte should be everyone’s aspiration and that the Budget seeks to promote this legacy. “From the General Directorate of Budget we are committed to due transparency and accountability in economic management, a value that must be applied in the responsibilities we have as public officials to make a meaningful change,” concluded Rijo Presbot.

About the documentary series

The documentary is structured in 6 episodes. The first chapter addresses the budget from its historical value and its evolution, to become the citizen’s piece that responds, more than ever, to the demands of citizens in the closest, most efficient and transparent way.

The first installment of this documentary series was supported by the Instituto Duartiano and its director, Wilson Gómez; in addition, with a historical perspective, approached by historian and writer, Rafael Chaljub Mejía; as well as from the economic and fiscal point of view, told by economist Juan Portalatín.

The series is available in an extended version on the Digepres DR Youtube channel and has a summarized version on social networks @DigepresRD.

The launching ceremony took place in the Juan Bosch hall of Digepres and was attended by collaborators of the entity and special guests.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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