DGA celebrates International Customs Day

The Director General of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, highlighted that the 24-Hour Clearance program is approaching 70,000 containers cleared in that period or less, during the commemoration of International Customs Day, which is celebrated every January 26.

This year the World Customs Organization (WCO) established as its slogan “Customs involved with its traditional and new partners with a purpose”, which defines the strategy on which all its members will work, including Customs of the DR.

The Customs director also highlighted outstanding initiatives of his administration, such as the implementation of x-rays in ports and airports, thanks to which more than 90% of the cargo entering and leaving the country is checked in a non-intrusive manner; improvements to the risk engine for cargo profiling and the enactment of Customs Law 168-21, which adapted the national legal framework in customs matters to the new times.

The official also pointed to the institution’s goal of incorporating artificial intelligence into all customs services and operations, on which it has been working.

“We have to innovate, we have to reinvent ourselves, we have to see what is the next great challenge we face, to continue making the Customs of the DR, an institution that gives prestige to the Government, that gives prestige to the country,” said Sanz Lovatón at the event.

The executive vice-president of the American Chamber of Commerce of the DR (Amchamdr), William Malamud, congratulated the work done by the DGA together with the private sector to turn the country into the logistics hub of the Caribbean.

“The National Trade Facilitation Committee is the best example of functional public-private partnership that I have had the privilege of being part of, in fact, we are the best example of best practices in trade facilitation in the region,” said Malamud.

It is recalled that in June 2021 the DGA put into operation the 24-Hour Dispatch service, to enable the clearance of goods from the country’s ports in no more than 24 hours, with the aim of turning the country into a regional logistics hub, making it more competitive with other countries in the region.


During the commemoration of International Customs Day, the DGA and the WCO recognized public and private institutions that contribute to good commercial and customs practices in the country, among them Sans Soucí Puerto de Santo Domingo, represented by Ruddy Pimentel, executive director; and Banco de Reservas, represented by Francisco José Elías, deputy administrator of subsidiary companies.

Likewise, the American Chamber of Commerce of the DR (Amchamdr), in the person of William Malamud, executive vice-president; and Agencia Naviera Rannik SAS, represented by Carlos Atiles, legal advisor.

Likewise, merit awards were presented to DGA collaborators in different areas for their outstanding work in favor of the institution.


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