Manos Dominicanas presents new collection of larimar jewelry “Home”

The artisan brand “Manos Dominicanas” of the Supérate social program presented “Inicio”, a new collection of larimar jewelry with pieces that transcend the limits of creativity and tradition.

The initiative was born as a result of the collaboration between the outstanding designer Mónica Varela and Miguel Méndez, artisan and discoverer of the endemic stone of the country.

“Home” will promote the global projection of larimar and the talent of the country’s artisans. It symbolizes the beginning of a new era in the creation of jewelry, with the shape of its pieces, conceived as a symbol of waves, which reflects the continuity and energy of the sea that surrounds the stone.

The launching ceremony was led by the general director of Supérate, Gloria Reyes, who highlighted the support that the social assistance and protection program provides to vulnerable families belonging to this project, with initiatives of this nature. “Let’s celebrate the piece “Home”, because it begins a new collection of cultural contributions and opportunities for the families of our nation,” she added.

He maintained that one of the fundamental objectives of this contribution is to provide job opportunities and economic stability to the artisans of the Supérate program, as well as to provide direct support to Méndez.

In this regard, she announced that by order of President Luis Abinader and by decree, a special pension will be granted to the renowned artisan, for his career and invaluable contributions to the Dominican culture and identity.

Likewise, the director of Supérate’s Solidarity Commerce, Esther Castillo, highlighted the work that Méndez has done over the years, since he has transformed Dominican craftsmanship with the discovery of larimar, in addition to contributing to the economic development of many families dedicated to this noble craft.

During the event, held at the Manos Dominicanas store in La Atarazana, in the Colonial Zone, an emotional tribute was paid to Méndez.

The designer Valera thanked the Supérate program and those who will purchase the pieces, as these actions will provide the necessary support to promote this great project. “To contribute so that Don Miguel’s legacy remains, with designs inspired by his work and to be part of this initiative, for me it is a privilege,” she said.

The pieces are available for pre-order, through the link following the instructions to complete the data. The order includes free shipping in the National District.

More about “Inicio”

The collaboration between Manos Dominicanas, Monica Varela and Miguel Mendez is a significant milestone in the promotion of larimar and Dominican craftsmanship. The combination of artistic talent, artisanal expertise and Supérate’s commitment has resulted in a unique piece that highlights the beauty of the national stone.

“Home” transcends the conventional concept, marking the beginning of a new era in Dominican jewelry production. This collection is a tribute to its discoverer, celebrating the master craftsmanship and unique vision of both designers, while fusing the tradition of larimar with a contemporary touch.

It also seeks to exalt and highlight the magnificence of larimar, declared a Dominican National Stone, which is protected by the prestigious Denomination of Origin (DO LARIMAR).

About Miguel Méndez

Don Miguel Méndez was born in the municipality of Río San Juan, María Trinidad Sánchez province, in the north of the DR, on September 29, 1938. He has excelled all his life as an artisan and jewelry designer. In 1974 he discovered the deposits of larimar, an exclusive Dominican stone found only in the province of Barahona and for which the country is internationally known.

After its discovery, research on its origins began and samples were sent to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., United States of America. Don Miguel gave the name of larimar to the stone, taking “LARI” from the name of his daughter Larissa, and “MAR” for the color so similar to this in the area where the gemstone appears.

Since then, the outstanding artisan dedicated himself to work and promote the stone through a wide range of craftsmanship. Until then, he limited his work to amber, tortoiseshell and bone, among other lesser-known materials.

Monica Varela

She is a Dominican designer who looks beyond the conventional. Her passion for the art of jewelry comes from more than a decade after a captivating encounter with the vibrant colors hidden inside electrical wires.

She was linked to an artistic environment growing up next to her father, the famous artist Fernando Varela, and inevitably developed her eye for detail. This gave birth to an abstract notion that conveys her art in motion, with evolving jewelry collections.

Monica Varela inspires empowerment and magnetically captivates all attention. Her creations are simultaneously traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity. The designer’s affinity with Caribbean nature is evident through her art.


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